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Welcome to Revolution Cycles

We are a small independent bike service centre located in Mold town, Flintshire.
Catering for all bikes, from first bikes up to top-end racing machines, we offer servicing and repairs to the highest standards, along with a range of essential spares and accessories and an indoor training demo centre with CycleOps trainers.

Please get in touch with any queries regarding your bikes and we'll be able to help out.

Much more coming soon, please keep an eye out for new updates on the way!

Standard Service

£ 39
  • Setup brakes, gears Check all nut & bolts Check all components                for wear               Complete safety check
  • Ideal annually for most bicycles

Standard Service
w/ drivetrain clean

£ 49
  • As standard service, plus drivetrain clean, degrease and re-lube using eco-friendly bioremediating parts washer
  • Smooth shifting and extends the life of your drivetrain

Major Service

£ 125
  • As standard service, plus complete strip down of components, clean, degrease and re-lube entire bicycle
  • Great for well-used bicycles to restore smooth running and extend the life of components

Child's bicycle service

£ 25
  • As standard service but with no gear adjustment
  • For children's single speed bicycles

Don't hesitate to contact us

Phone: 01352 754847 
Open:   Weds - Fri     12pm - 7pm
              Sat                  9am - 12pm